Mai Chau and Pu Luong offers variety type of accommodations: from homestay, guesthouses, hotels, to luxury resorts. All will bring you the comfort stay. If you want more local and exotic experience, a chance to immerse to the beautiful nature, try staying at stilt house homestays on Mai Chau tours from Hanoi. It must be an unforgettable experience.


In Mai Chau, there are two famous villages of Lac and Pom Coong villages. There are many households doing business in the form of tourist accommodation: collective sleep, each with a cavity (full blanket pillow cushion for each individual).
Here are some comfortable homestays:

Stilt House No. 7
Stilt House No. 7 is located in the center of the most beautiful Lac Village in Mai Chau. The stilt houses are made of clean wood, cool in summer, warm in winter. The house is airy surrounded by a garden to create fresh air, cool. The 7th floor of Mai Chau House has simple design but is spacious and spacious. The design of the house has its own features that create a spacious space for visitors. The house consists of two floors: a large floor with a capacity of 40 – 50 guests suitable for crowds: companies, offices, schools.1 small floor can accommodate about 10-15 guests suitable for families prefer private and cozy.
The whole house on the floor is made of new wood, with many large windows creating cool, a small water pond is more attractive when attracted to the floor number 07. In addition, it is very close and Very comfortable, especially 4 private rooms suitable for couples or solo travelers.
The 7th floor of Mai Chau House offers a full range of dining services with the specialties of peaceful Mai Chau valley. Pork mussels with pineapple flavor with full of steamed meat, pancakes, and barbeque honey biting tourists can not resist. Or the delicious sticky rice noodles, chicken color will be an unforgettable experience with visitors.

Stilt House No.19
Located in Mai Chau valley beautiful and peaceful, the Stilt House No.19 (also known as Hung Mech stilt house) is one of the most appreciated stilt houses in Mai Chau. With excellent quality accommodation service, you will certainly not regret choosing to stay here. Stilt House No. 19 Mai Chau is an ancient stilt house that has been upgraded to serve tourists but still retains the tradition of the Thai people with ancient features. This is also one of the two largest and most beautiful stilts in Lac village. Wide floor area, serving about 500 guests / day with all necessary materials: blankets, mosquito nets, pillows, hot and cold shower for winter, the largest closed and clean sanitary system in the village. ..
The Hung Mech Stilt House is extremely cool thanks to the structure of the house and the greenery surrounding it, so it is cool all year round, beautiful location overlooking the fields to create a perfect relaxing space.

Stilt House No. 86
If you have the opportunity to come to Mai Chau, try a quality service experience on the excellent of the Stilt House No. 86 Mai Chau. With its unique design mixed with a bit of modern but still retain the traditional, this place is the ideal destination for all visitors. The 86 stilted house is conveniently located at the beginning of the village, easily recognizable and extremely convenient for moving to other popular destinations in the village and around Mai Chau area. Designed with natural wood, anti-termite and extremely sturdy, the stilt house No. 86 Mai Chau are always firmly in the wind and rain, serving and welcoming thousands of arrivals and departures. The first feeling when coming to this place is the feeling of peace, completely separate from the urban flowers, the daily chewers tired. Stepping up the wooden stairs, visitors like to stretch themselves into another world.
In the evening, standing on stilts looking down, visitors can cover the whole scene around, hear the sounds of the Thai girls singing cheerfully and cheering before the exciting bamboo dance.

Stilt House No. 9
The stilt house No. 9 Mai Chau is an ancient and ancient space with the traditional architecture of bold Thai people in Mai Chau. Therefore, this is an impressive discovery destination and also the ideal stopover for all travelers. This is considered the most beautiful stilts in Mai Chau and also the ancient stilts, long standing in the top row here. The owner of the stilt is Mr. Ha Van Phuc who is very hospitable and open.
The stilt house is designed with two large bungalows can accommodate up to 100 people, so that the space is cool as well as very comfortable for tourists during the activities. In addition, the architecture of the floor has a special feature is the front of the plate, the back turned to the pond so it will bring a sense of “balance. That is close to the village is not too isolated from the nature of the mountains, so very clear and not to mention that you can see the fields and majestic mountains. Since then, has created a simple and very close to nature, bringing a sense of well being for all travelers when coming here.

Stilt House No.6
If you are planning to travel to Mai Chau and want to spend a night at the traditional stilt house, you will ask yourself which house is the nicest and has the best location. It is difficult to answer that question because there are more than 100 stilt houses in the Mai Chau village. But if you want to have a complete and unforgettable trip, you will definitely want to visit the Stilt House No.6 of Lac 1 Village.
The stilted house no.06 with traditional foliage, roofs and giblets, creates coolness in summer and warmth in winter, but still brings comfort and comfort to the entire floor structure. It is made of wood, clean toilet system, equipped with water heater and poetic space around the house. All are rustic, rudimentary, but lively, harmony between mountains and forests northwest.
From the stilt house no. 6, you can easily move to the ecotourism and community resort of Mai Chau. Zoom out your eyes, you will feel extremely comfortable by the cool green of the forest. Sunshine is cool, but not harsh, but always makes a cool, fresh feeling.

What can be better than staying at traditional stilt houses, contact with locals, explore the culture, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Spending nights at stilt house homestays on Mai Chau tour from Hanoi will be the highlight of your trip, an impressive experience.

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