Mai Chau and Pu Luong are not only famous for its scenic mountainous wilderness, but also for its poetic sights. It also reminiscent, evoked anyone who had the opportunity to set foot here thanks to the unique culinary style along with the rich flavor of the specialties of the mountains. We invite you to discover the local flavors on Mai Chau tours from Hanoi with this 3-day itinerary.

1. ‘Com lam’ – Bamboo-tube rice
Mai Chau is famous for its aromatic rice, which is the reason why its bamboo-tube rice is really well known. Glutinous rice after soaking overnight for blooming, mud mixed with copra fiber, inserted tightly into the bamboo shoots so that when the rice cooked it can keep the original shape. The tube used to make the rice is cut into pieces to keep the flavor of the rice grains fragrant. After the rice is put into the tube, add a little coconut milk and then pipe back and bake up on the charcoal stove for 2 hours can enjoy delicious dishes difficult to refuse.

2.Grilled pork

Grilled pork skewers are tasty option from Muong pork to be enjoyed by many visitors. After picking pigs in gold, people filter the finest pieces of meat into pieces and then bring them marinated with a variety of different spices: salt, chili powder, spices, lime, turmeric, vinegar … depending on the amount of meat. Then wait about 30 minutes for the meat to spice seasoning meat skewers and grilled for fat, golden eye, fragrant passion, diffuse.

3.  Forest bees and shoots fry

Bees and forest shoots are the two dishes of the natural forest and mountain so that this perfect combination creates a bold and delicious dish of Mai Chau Mountain. At the end of the summer, when the beehives are brought to the people with fried bamboo shoots to create greasy, sweet aroma of young bees and the sour taste of bamboo shoots and peppers, the spicy taste of salt eaten Attached will make anyone tasting will remember forever not forget.

4.Mai Chau sticky rice
It is still glutinous rice cake with sweet, 4-5 hours after being soaked and drained, it will be put into the pan, put on the pot has dropped just enough water, covered and boiled water. Approximately one hour to see the noodles are ripe plastic is eatable. This is a dish cooked by many people on the holidays, the festival to the field, the new rice.

5.Mai Ha wine

Who has been in Mai Chau and enjoy the cup of Mai Ha wine, which is Mai Chau specialties attracting visitors, enjoy the unforgettable taste of the famous and fascinated wine. To get a cup of aromatic Mai Ha that just drunk after smelling is a great feat from the preparation of raw materials.
People have to look for the leaves themselves to be able to make delicious cups of wine so fascinating to know how many visitors smell just taste passionate, charming.


Food services in Pu Luong are usually housed in stilt houses where the delegation arrives. The owner will design the bold flavors of the mountains such as chicken, snail, sour bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, banana flower forest, roasted duck, wild pigs…

1.Co Lung Duck
Co Lung Duck is famous for the cooking process. Duck is selected are silk ducks, fat body color. The locals do not cut but hit the head for duck quick death and then feather it with hot water. We can say the good duck as soon as the feather a part, because when the duck feather is easy to spit, dry skin, stretched round. Before operating, it is washed with warm salt water with ginger phase clean. Bring the hang dry for a spin. This dish with its own attractive flavor is thanks to her relatives after the intestinal surgery was filled with duck belly and leaves filled with fresh honey and spices of salt, sugar, five flavors and carefully stewed to bake on the grill. The roast duck is roasted by a clever rod through the body. Flavors and leaves of honey from time to time penetrate each fiber, from the inside out, incense, nose. The duck skin is ripe reddish brown color, sweet flesh, the most delicious is the seductive aroma of honey. It is difficult to resist the thirst for the smell of roasted duck.

2.Other dishes:

  • The bitter soup is made from a bitter leaf in the forest along the heart and chicken. When eating the bitter taste of pangolin in the throat, many far away customers have to close their eyes, shivering. However, the tongue at the tip of the tongue is very sweet sweet and strange mouth.
  • Chickens are raised in the hill and ducks are dropped in the stream so the meat is very strong and fragrant, is processed into many dishes such as boiled, roasted, grilled, fried bamboo shoots, steamed leaves … then leaves on the leaves.
  • Thai people in Pu Luong also have a pungent wine that is indispensable specialty in every bold meal. ‘Ruou can’ should be made from yeast cassava and spring water so the taste is very rich and special.

If you have some time in your hands and want to spend more time in the Northern Vietnam, this 3-day tour is an easy add-on to your trip from Hanoi. This expertly organized itinerary will lead you to the splendid perspective of the Mai Chau Valley, golden terraced rice fields, beautiful trekking route in Pu Luong, a wonderful chance to meet ethnic people, a unique experience of sleeping at stilt house homestays. More than just stunning landscapes and so-smiling locals, we will make you get lost in the fragrant of mountainous flavors. Be the part of this tour and enjoy the magic of natural wonder and discover the local flavors on Mai Chau tours from Hanoi.

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