Once you decide to take trip to Mai Chau and Pu Luong, you must consider when the best time to visit is. Here is some essential information that can answer your question of when to take Mai Chau tours from Hanoi.

Going to Mai Chau is fun at any time to go, but for the best you go up late in the winter and early spring, the summer is often hotter and so will be less and less tired. The best time to visit Mai Chau for two days is when the rice is golden or when it is flowering. This is the time Mai Chau dress up his dream dress, glowing, appearing in front of visitors is a wonderful natural painting, beautiful magic.
A scenic Mai Chau with golden rice fields winding wind, the small house in the beautiful canopy fluttering trees where people can take together beautiful pictures, full of memories, record the most beautiful pictures with beautiful and famous Mai Chau tourist spots. Mai Chau Valley brings in its mild climate, all year round green, fresh. November to February of the following year is the period when Mai Chau has a cold climate with an average temperature of 16 ° C. Visitors to Mai Chau this winter should bring jacket, warm hat. In the early spring of Mai Chau there are many peach blossoms.
March , April, May, September, and October is the period in which Mai Chau has the mildest weather. Temperature range is 18 – 25 ° C. Especially, in March, Mai Chau has a lot of banana flowers – the flowers of the northern mountainous bloom and color. June 6, 8: summer period with relatively high temperature around 25 – 35 ° C, there may be rain, so if you go this season visitors should bring sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, umbrella, raincoat.
The best thing when going in winter and spring is that the weather is cool and sitting by the fire camps, dancing and eating together with rice and barbecues are great. Sleeping on the stilts of Lac Village in Mai Chau this season is also more pleasant.
You may consider schedule your trip in these following time to enjoy the traditional cultural festivals of Mai Chau:
+ Xen Ban, Xen Muong Festival (ethnic Thai), time: in August lunar year
+ Raining- Pray Festival (Thai ethnicity), time: April lunar month.
+ Gong festival (Muong ethnic group), time: On Spring days, New Year’s day, fun festivals
+ Long Tong Festival (Tay ethnic group), time: Spring Day from 5 th to 15 th lunar month
Going to beautiful Mai Chau valley in May or June, you will be lost in paradise of golden yellow rice fields, golden rice fields cover every corner in the villages of Mai Chau people.
The climate in Mai Chau is quite mild and pleasant, the summer is not too hot, the winter is not too cold, so you can travel Mai Chau at any time of the year, but to feel the beauty. The valleys of this valley you should come here in the early summer of May – June, this is also the ideal resort to avoid the heat of summer in the North.
Not only seducing tourists with the rustic beauty of the mountains, the beauty of the female paintings, but also attracted by the hearts of the people.
Come to Mai Chau valley for ripe season, you will have a trip to discover the beauty of golden rice fields at the sight, the smell of new sticky rice, in addition you also learn the unique culture of the Thai people, and their delicious food. At this time Mai Chau step into the rice season, nine golden rice fields, throughout Mai Chau as covered with a layer of yellow silk, you just open the window to see the abyss of rice, The rice is everywhere in the villages of Mai Chau.

Come to Mai Chau in the yellow rice season, come to Lac Village and Pom Coong for the best pictures, feel the beauty of plain fields, simple rustic house but beautiful people. There are also many other tourist attractions for you to explore such as Go La Falls, Ba Khan Lake, or the cave …

As a nature reserve in mountainous Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province, Pu Luong impresses natural lovers exploring the pristine landscape, primeval forests, cool waterfalls and the terraced rice fields out of sight. Pu Luong rice is riped twice times a year, in the range of June and October. Not too far from Hanoi for a weekend to breathe fresh air of mountains and forests, aroma of cooked rice, New rice, drink wine, barbecue dip diagonal, Pu Luong is always an option… to life.
There are two ideal times of the year for you to travel to Pu Luong at the end of April, early May and September, October.
– Late April / early May: This is the time when Pu Luong rice is entering, daughters, fields and terraced fields will wear a blue coat, extremely beautiful and peaceful. Especially, although it is summer, but because of the low limestone mountains, there are many tropical forests and few people live so air and weather are cool, pleasant, you will feel a beat. Live peacefully here.
September to October: Pu Luong enters the ripe season, all terraces on the hillside will turn bright yellow, making Pu Luong bring a wealth of beauty and dreaming. This time is also where the “land of the great thousand” attracts Pu Luong visitors to see the most rice. May and June is also the season of nine rice, but this time in the middle of the summer, the rain is often in the North, so if you travel by motorcycle, your travel will not be very convenient.

The yellow terraced rice fields may be the main calling card to visitor coming to Mai Chau and Pu Luong. Coming here when rice is ripped is ideal time to contemplate its stunning perspective. When to take Mai Chau Tours from Hanoi? This insight information offers essential information that can help you plan your upcoming journey.

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